Friday, August 16, 2013

Riddle of the script: how the world's most difficult puzzle was solved - Telegraph

Music I Like

The Boxer Rebellion, "Diamonds."


Amy Holford, "I Won't Wait." Move over, Adele:

The Boxer Rebellion, "Caught by the Light."

 The Boxer Rebellion, "Both Sides Are Even."

 Haim, "The Wire."


 Matthew Koma, "Years" (acoustic):

 Parade of Lights, "We're the Kids."

 Kitten, "Cut it Out."


Monday, August 12, 2013

Why the World Is Smarter Than US - The Daily Beast

Why the World Is Smarter Than US - The Daily Beast:

In all of these nations, sports have little or nothing to do with public schooling. If kids want to play hockey or basketball, they organize pick-up games, join a community program, or take private lessons. Children are held to high academic expectations and allowed to fail, so they come to understand the importance of school.

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